OMA Visiting Fellowship

Great news: Thanks to my cool ongoing project with the Dessimoz group at UNIL and the Privman group in Haifa on social neofunctionalization of hormone processing enzymes I get to travel a few times back to Lausanne for scientific purposes through an OMA visiting fellowship! Why? We're using the excellent and multi-faceted OMA to look at this neofunctionalization.

Adria LeBoeuf
Arrival at the Weizmann

Big change! At the start of March I moved to the Weizmann Institute of Science to work for most of this year in Ofer Feinerman's lab with their awesome trophallaxis tracking system in the Department of Physics of Complex Systems.

It's exciting to plant some roots in a new place, especially a new place with great weather and great hummus!

Fluorescent ants and larvae! WOW. 

Fluorescent ants and larvae! WOW. 

Adria LeBoeuf
University of Konstanz and University of Zurich!

I'm getting the double pleasure of getting to talk about my work on two campuses on the very same day: Feb 22, 2017. In Konstanz I will be talking with folks in the neurobiology side of things (social fluids are a type of chemical communication), while in Zurich I'll be talking more with evolutionary biologists and focusing more on the evolution of parental care. Thank you to Christoph Kleineidam (Konstanz) and to Barbara König (Zurich) for welcoming me!

Adria LeBoeuf
HEC Lausanne course begins!

Last year I had the pleasure of debuting a new six-week course for doctoral students in the Faculty of Business and Economics in at the University of Lausanne on "Mastering the Art of Public Speaking." It was a wild ride that ended in a beautiful event in La Grange de Dorigny and 6 excellent talks. 

This year we are doing the course again but in just three days spaced out over a week! It starts next week. I can't wait to meet this year's class! The final event will be February 28th at 2pm, Extranef room 125, at the University of Lausanne. 

A nice article on the course.

Adria LeBoeuf
Lots of press about my eLife paper! (Science, Nature, WIRED...!)

An ant’s kiss may hide a sneaky form of communication


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Adria LeBoeuf
Column in Crastina!

Check out the column I wrote for the Science Communication organization Crastina


How come researchers who are great presenters often are disregarded as bad scientists? Adria LeBoeuf, multi-disciplinary scientist and communications evangelist, thinks there has to be an end to the social punishment of clear and passionate oral communication.


Adria LeBoeuf
Visit to IST, Vienna

Honored to be invited to go visit the IST Austria thanks to Sylvia Cremer in early December. I'll be talking at their Evolunch seminar series. Sylvia's lab focused on social immunity in ants, looking at how their communities can prevent epidemics. 

Adria LeBoeufseminar
Visit to Cambridge

Had a great visit to the Zoology Department at Cambridge at the end of October for their Behaviour, Ecology, Evolution Seminar series. I was hosted by the fantastic Hannah Rowland. While I meet a bunch of folks doing fascinating work, it was super exciting to meet Becky Kilner and the people in her lab working on Burying Beetles. These beetles engage in serious parental care (both parents!), where they feed their young through trophallaxis!  

Adria LeBoeufseminar