Djerassi Science-Art Residency

This experience has been amazing. The phenomenal fellow residents here (ranging from biochemistry professor to game designer with most people holding multiple titles/identities) have been constant inspiration, not only in their science and/or art, but in the way that each has built a way to have both in his or her life. This is a constant struggle in a world where we are constantly being told we need to focus exclusively on one or the other. It's wonderful to be here and to clearly and unabashedly be a person doing both.  

One of my biggest lessons here has been that I should quit stressing about doing both and just do them. There have been a number of jokes about one positive of ageing: that you care less and less about pleasing others or fitting what the world wants from you. Working on it. 

Another wonderful surprise has been the future-focused discussions/projects. A lot of the residents are working on projects about our shared future and how we are arriving in it, how the future is a participatory creation. 

What have I been doing? I've been working on a new play tentatively called Unsupervised Learning about science, hubris and the wild confidence necessary for innovation. More info to come.  

Adria LeBoeuf