Talks at Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University


This month I had a mini-tour giving seminars in these two Israeli universities. 

First I was hosted at Tel Aviv University by Hefetz (an influential force in the social insect world). When I was there I also met Eran Levin, a new faculty member working on cool stuff in the realm of extreme metabolism.  He introduced me to this beautiful creature, Cerastes cerastes, the Saharan horned viper. Tali Reiner Brodetzki also gave me a sneak peak at their new natural history museum! 


Later in the month I made my way to Jerusalem, hosted by Yehu Moran and Guy Bloch. My friend, collaborator, and fellow force-of-nature, Miriam Rosenberg, had given me some good word-of mouth around the department before the seminar. Consequently, the seminar was not only well attended but was full of great discussion which carried on well-past the typical few questions. I then had a lovely time discussed with Guy and his lab and visiting the bumblebees. I'd never seen their nests before! Such fuzzy bundles of excellent model system. 

Adria LeBoeuf