Mastering the Art of Public Speaking


Homework before day 1

Please come on the first day with a seven-minute presentation (v1_YourName) aimed at a broad but academic audience. 

Homework between days 1 and 2

Between Days 1 and 2 you are expected to implement suggestions made on Day 1 and improve your talk. What you'll present on Day 2 (v2_YourName_research) will again be aimed at a broad but academic audience


Homework between days 2 and 3

On Day 3 you'll present a talk aimed at the lay public (v3_YourName_public).

Before the final event!

The course will close with the final event, a public showcase of your talks. I think it's more fun to present your talks aimed at the public, but I'll let you choose. 


Upload your slides by 10pm the night before the course